October 22, 2015

Wow, it's Tahoe Money Balance's first blog post.  I've been diving head first into personal finance for the past few years after a decade in accounting and finance.   I am very drawn to helping people find stability and calm in the crazy world of money and finance.  Money is stressful,  really stressful.    And Lake Tahoe is unique in regards to finances, as with so many things. 

A lot of the personal finance information out there encourages people to find their dreams,  get outside of the cubicle, and follow their heart.   People in Tahoe are already well versed in this.   We choose to live here because we value the outdoors more than material items.   We already know that no money in the world can replace a great powder day on KT and that work has to be a balance between doing what you love at the office and on your mountain bike.

So how do we fit personal finance into the quality of life that we have already created? How do we make it work so we can keep on doing what we are doing and nothing can take that away?  

The answer is that you need to take the same approach you would use when planning a week long back-country trip.  Do a little bit of homework, make sure you have the right tools and map, and surround yourself with people that you know you can trust.   The worst thing you can do in the wilderness or with your money is to stick your head in the sand.   And it's not that hard to get on top of your personal finance. 

1) Be on top of your income and spending with a budget

2) Deal with debt, especially the dangerous debt that could take away your balanced life 

3) Plan for the future.  

If you want help getting these things in order,  call me.  I can help you address the stress of money and bring you peace of mind. We will look at particular areas that you need to concentrate on to improve your money map.  I will then teach you how to use tools to make improvements and reach goals.   This is a simple well-rounded approach to dealing with money in our lives.  Money is just a tool to get us where we want to go but we have to use it correctly.